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yeah i high-five my mom so what

UPDATE: I’M ALIVE and in the past two days I’ve explored Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Akihabara, & Shinjuku!! my wifi is peanuts though so I can’t upload any images until I’m in the airport/I get back I HAVE A LOT TO SHARE THOUGH I’M EXCITED \o/


This pairing kills me 

OKAY thanks for letting me spam those animal cafes.. i must rest now because its late here and i’m flying to tokyo tomorrow \o/

because i am weak garbage i made e take me to Dog Cafe in Myeongdong today, too.. there were so many pups and they had so much energy TT_T the big white one and i at the bottom shared a connection.. the little carmel one would not leave E alone LOL 

katspaw asked:

excuse me blake why did u not go to fuckfake as well inquiring minds want to know what awaits there

LISTEN if you had to choose between 15 cats in a single room TWO OF WHICH WERE TINY MUNCHKIN KITTIES and who fuckfaking knows what, WHAT WOULD YOU CHOOSE

tbh i totally forgot about fuckfake after i was overwhelmed with cats, i have no excuse

for my birthday yesterday, we went to a cat cafe called “Cat’s Living” in Hongdae.. TT__TT it was mid-day nap time for all the kitties

i’m still not really sure what fuckfake was tho