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yeah i high-five my mom so what

By far the ugliest WIP I’ve ever had to take #p4 #coswip

Got the best print today!

Yay! \o/ I’m super glad that it got to you safely, wahoo!!

sheepskin asked:

ur gay?


these too - I hoard asks, and sometimes they also get lost but — thank you mates! I’m sorry these are so old and took me so long to answer… tho I feel like I kept these bc they’re so sweet 8u8

Anonymous asked:

You seem nice and cool and I really admire your art !

whoa I never answered this ah… thank you!! 8m8 sorry this took so long omg! #asks bitte

Anonymous asked:

JW what are the mats made of? Like squishy/hard plastic mats or rough cloth or???

It’s a non-woven cloth top (for clean printing) and the back is rubber(neoprene) non-slip material. :0