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Anonymous asked;
i really like your souharu drawing and this may be a weird question but is sousuke crying? if so why is he crying?

BECAUSE HARU WON’T LET HIM SNAG ANY FOOD like wtf haru u ?? can share some damn mackerel ????

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i was researching 1920s slang and
we’ve been getting it all wrong
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OH ALSO you might’ve noticed that I’ve been drawing a lot of soccer characters and THEY’RE ALL A PART OF MY SENIOR THESIS LMAO because I decided to be a little ambitious and start a webcomic, with school as some sort of deadline-enforcer since that’s been sth I’ve struggled with by myself forever.

its basically indulgent canon queer football/soccer (because I LOVE DRAWING TEAMS OF 11+ PEOPLE)!! i should have it up and scheduled January 2015 

I’m excited!!!!!! I hope u some of u find it exciting too \o/

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